Our Activities

Our Mission

Who is Living Well?

Fellowship for Fitness

Please feel free to join us for the following Living Well Activities:

  • Mondays (Spring/Summer)   6:30-7:30PM- Walking Ministry Fellowship– Alamo Creek Trail, Dublin  (Please contact us for exact dates)
  • Coming Soon on Saturdays  7:45-9AM- Praise Fitness Group exercise at The Well (Please contact us for class session dates)

  • Spiritual Health & Healing– Consistently highlighting biblical principals that will help us to stand firm against enemy attacks upon the mind and body while supporting efforts to cooperate with God in the Divine healing process.
  • Nutritional Awareness– Assisting in the creation of mindset for the balanced, healthy consumption of food and avoidance of ingesting ANYTHING that adversely affects the optimum performance of the body as a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.
  • Physical Fitness- Providing opportunities for physical enrichment and strengthening of the body, the temple of God.

The Living Well is the Healthy Living Ministry at The Well Church in Livermore, CA.   


We believe that each of us, are the “bodies” in the body of Christ—His church. As such, our ministry exists to offer support and guidance on the care of our earthly temples– soul, body and spirit.

"Your Body, Christ's Home"